Stuck Neverlasting

from Velvet Waltz by Human Kitten



Am, G, C
Can't even write songs
Am, G, C, F
I am way too sad to even try to vocalize my thoughts
Wanna destroy my feelings
Every single damn time that I get so caught up in the healing
Cause it's never lasting
Cause I'm stuck never lasting
F, G, C, F
You could tell me a million ways
That things could get better for me
I'll give you a billion fucking excuses
For why I just keep on regressing
Back to the person I was when I was 12,
So shell shocked by the complexities
F, G, C, G, F
Of the world, and my mind,
And all the rest that is still left to be defined
Am, G, C
Most days I'm just too scared to be alive

Am, G, C
I push everyone away
Am, G, C, F
Single handedly destroying my reputation
Through the stupid things I say
That I can't take back
I am permanently damaged from the results of my past
And it's everlasting
Cause I'm stuck never lasting
F, G, C, F
I could live a trillion years
And still feel like shit every day
And I could live a quadrillion more
And still never find a fucking way
To satisfy the ones that I love, to which I wish I could say
G, C
Please forgive me now
F, G, C
Please forgive me now
F, G, C, G, F
Just give me a break, I'm just trying to make it
Through every minute of the day
Am, G, C
Before I sell this broken soul on eBay
F, C
No reserve


from Velvet Waltz, released October 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Human Kitten Portland, Oregon

acoustic songs about isolation, crisis, pain, growth, & learning to be alive after years of anticipating death

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