Bedroom at Midnight

from Velvet Waltz by Human Kitten



Cm, E, B, A
People talk about loss like it's only death
And not when people choose to leave you willingly
People talk about loss like it's only death
And not when you move real far away
And never speak to your old friends again

I guess I'm losing touch, cause I've been losing lots
And I fear I'll lose everything else if I don't gain something new now
The emptiness is consuming me, I have fallen through the void
All I see is blackness and gravestones of relationships that have died

And I guess that's fine, I guess that's fine

People talk about loss like it's only death
And not when you're diagnosed with a lifelong illness
People talk about loss like they're the only ones
To ever have felt the crushing weight
Of everything slipping away

Suddenly and violently, every worthwhile thing exits me
Including my ability to feel anything
Isolation is masturbation, incapable of any creation
All I'm doing is prolonging my suffering

E, A, Cm, B
Before things can get better
They'll get worse, and that's the worst
Currently it's seeping into every atom of my being
I've been numbing all my senses, incapable of simple gestures
I just want to show the ones that I love
That I will not be giving up again
But the grief, the grief, the grief
Makes it hard not to give in


from Velvet Waltz, released October 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Human Kitten Portland, Oregon

acoustic songs about isolation, crisis, pain, growth, & learning to be alive after years of anticipating death

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