Attempt #2

from Velvet Waltz by Human Kitten



A, Absus4, F#m, E

A, F#m, Absus4, E
I'm trying to fall in love with you
And it's stupid for me to think that you'd wanna do the same too
So I will fantasize
F#m, E, A, E, F#m, E
About every plausible reality
And doubt will consume me

A, Absus4, F#m, E

A, F#m, Absus4, E
I really wanna see you the moment that I do wake up
But I know that's the result of a reawakened teenage view on love
I barely know you, yeah I never do
But I'd really like to, if you'd let me through

B5, E, A, F#m
Dude, you know, that I am just a ghost
Of a shitty past self that I hope you never have to know
It's cool though, it's whatever, if you just want to be friends
Sex was never the measure of the deepness of a connection
But really man, it's fine,
Just thought it would be cool to be stupid together
It's just an adolescent crush, and I've already said too much

B5, E
Infatuation is a prison
But I am my own warden
I will keep myself in check
So one day I can be released on good behavior



from Velvet Waltz, released October 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Human Kitten Portland, Oregon

acoustic songs about isolation, crisis, pain, growth, & learning to be alive after years of anticipating death

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